8 Sites That Will Turn Your Clothes Into Cash


I used to be somewhat of a fashion hoarder. Nothing too extreme, there was no need to organize an intervention but I was definitely afraid to part with my stuff. I had an entire room devoted to my wardrobe and it was busting at the seams. So last year I decided to take my own advice, the advice I give all of my clients, by getting rid of a lot of my wardrobe.

My first big purge made me over $2000 and after that I was hooked. Now I am constantly moving things out before I add items to my closet. Getting a random check in the mail for $700, $800, $1000 … makes the pain of parting with my clothing go away real quick.

If you need a little guidance when it comes to cleaning out your closet, click here. If you are ready to sell, keep reading …

1.) The Real Real

The Real Real is a really awesome place to sell your high-end designer cast offs. Nothing to sell? You can get your shop on here too. They have amazing stuff!!

2.) Tradsey

Tradsey is great because they take high-end product and contemporary items too (J. Crew, BCBG, Free People, etc).

3.) Luxury Garage Sale

This is where I sell my stuff. They are based in Chicago but will pick up your product no matter where you live.

4.) e-Drop Off

You might remember e-Drop Off from a VH1 (they had a show for a minute and it was awesome). They are also based in Chicago but will do pick-ups anywhere. If you want to sell your items fast, this is the way to go.

5.) Shop Hers

If you have luxury items to sell, look no further than Shop Hers. I have never sold on this site but I definitely drool over their newsletter on the daily.

6.) Poshmark

I have a few clients that sell on Poshmark. It’s an easy way to sell and you have the freedom to post everything yourself.

7.) eBay

An oldie but a goodie. If you are a good e-Bayer then you can cut out the middle man and sell your items yourself.

8.) Vaunte

A beautifully curated marketplace that sells top tastemakers gently used designer clothing. If your wardrobe sizes up to theirs then this may be the place for you to sell your oldies but goodies.

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  1. Hi Lauren – Great list, thank you! Do you happen to know which, if any, of the listed resource sites service Canada (aside from ebay, of course)?

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