3 Tricks for Pulling Together a Solid Look


One of the top things my client’s request is a “pulled together” look. No matter if they are going to work, going out to dinner, or just running errands on the weekends – they want to look neat and not sloppy. You see it done all the time – a celebrity will have a super-basic outfit on and look like a million bucks. I talked about the million dollar factor here but I also have a few other tricks for taking your outfit from zero to hero.

Pop on Some Pumps

LFW SS2014: Street Style Day 3

Jeans + a tee shirt + flip flops = sad and boring. Jeans + tee shirt + red pumps = magical and wonderful. Putting on a pair of pumps will take you from trashy to classy, trust. I have used this trick to pull together the sloppiest of garments including boyfriend jeans, baggy shorts, and sweatpants.

Throw on a Jacket


Love. A. Jacket. Adding a blazer, leather jacket, or even a tailored vest to the most simple of looks will take you to the next level. I find that a blazer or a leather jacket is much for effective than say a cardigan or a hoodie (oh the humanity). Not to say that a cardigan or a hoodie can never look pulled together – if you choose to wear one of those pieces I’d call in the pumps or another #boss pair of heeled shoes.

Seal it with a Statement Necklace


When my outfit looks a little less than polished, I almost always reach for a statement necklace. A attention-grabbing necklace will give your basic a totally new look. Heck, you could get away with wearing the same tee shirt everyday if you changed out the necklace. Note, I do NOT recommend wearing the same tee shirt everyday.

How do you create a pulled together look? Leave your tips in the comments below or join the conversation on my Facebook page.


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