The 30-Somethings Wardrobe: Creating Your Style “Uniform”


I’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately. Basically I have had the seemingly unexplainable urge to burn the whole thing down. My most prized possessions (I know my priorities are screwed) suddenly don’t feel like “me” anymore. These feeling have been going on for months but the other night a great article from Elle Magazine’s August issue made it all very clear to me — I am having a 30-something identity crisis.

I will be 34 in November (no secrets here, my friends) and I think I am, like, maturing or something. My trendier statement pieces are starting to feel stale and pointless, and I am feeling like a “uniform” of sorts would really make my life not only easier, but more stylish.


Now don’t get it twisted, I am not turning myself into some snooze-fest in a uniform. What I am doing is creating a “signature” backdrop for my trendier accent pieces to live. As I get older I really see the importance in truly knowing which pieces are “me” – what suits my body, my lifestyle, and the message I want to world to see. It’s easy to do for my clients but for me, not so much.


This inspired me to do a huge closet cleanse and it felt awesome. I got rid of a ton of stuff and will be selling it at Luxury Garage Sale. The additional funds have gone towards building a more classic, a more “me” wardrobe.

I few people were asking me on Instagram, Facebook, and email (thanks for the love, guys) how to actually clear out so much stuff during this transition. 1.) I asked for help (you can’t clean out your closet alone) and 2.) I made it less about the clothes and more about clearing out my past. Did I really need to keep the shoes that I wore on my first television commercial shoot? I hadn’t put them on in 3 years! I was holding on to that memory but why? I have the commercial on my website and I can watch it anytime I’d like.


What I am keeping is my vast collection of statement jackets (the perfect accent to compliment my “uniform”), a few flashy pencil skirts to pair with a classic cashmere sweater or a tee shirt, some eye catching dresses for special occasions, and of course my costume jewelry collection.


The real fun comes with the rebuilding, which I may have started before the funds have arrived from my casts off. Sue me, I’m excited. Here are the pieces I am gathering for my new 30-somethings girl wardrobe- some I already have and some I desperately need:

  1. Black, white, and gray tees and tanks
  2. Cashmere sweaters in neutral colors
  3. Pencil skirts (they are the most flattering for my body type)
  4. Dark Wash jeans
  5. Black jeans
  6. Good leather (pants, moto jacket, skirt)
  7. Black and also white trousers
  8. Statement necklaces
  9. Killer belts (begone crusty college belts)
  10. Figure flattering dresses
  11. Blazers in black, white, blush, and animal print
  12. Pointy toe pumps in black, white, and nude.


What are your thoughts on building a “uniform” for your thirties and onward? Spill it in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

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