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You all seemed to really enjoy it when I let you inside my home a few months ago, so now I want you to step inside my office. I recently “moved” into a new office. When I say move, I mean into the room next door … in my own house.

It started like this. One giant room in the house for two people to work out of. Business grew and suddenly instead of two there were six. I started working out of my dressing room. Then I hired not one but two assistants. Things started getting a bit cramped. The other office (where the School of Style team works) grew from 6 to almost 10.

IMG_6156Things were getting crowded to say the least so I gave up my dressing room and moved my clothing into the walk-in closet (I know, life is so hard). My former dressing room is now Luke’s office and the spare bedroom is now my office.

All of that probably made zero sense so don’t hurt your brain by trying to figure it out.


I wanted to go a bit glam with the decor so I used Hermes orange, gold, silver, and black as my color palette.


You all know I am obsessed with my dog Yohji, so there is a bit of a dog theme happening too. Gold treat container is from Home Goods and the tape dispenser is from Target.


Can never have too many fashion books. I have a TON of books. This is a just a small sampling.

lauren messiah office

My wireless Epson printer is the best thing since sliced bread. And yes I have two tape dispensers and two staplers. Don’t ask. The bird, this lady sold it to me and said if I point it to the door I will make more money. That bird has been with me since I left my 9-5.

This CB2 table serves as my assistants desk on the days she works and a table for meetings on the days when she isn’t in the office.


The parts you can’t see? Two rolling racks to hold all of my clients goodies, floor-to-ceiling grid wall to style looks, and my dress form from my days as a fashion design student.

So there it is, where I spend most of time each and every day (weekends off are for the weak).

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