How to Wear Drawstring Pants

drawstring pants

When I want to be comfortable I reach for a roomy pair of drawstring pants. Sweats or a nice silky pair of drawstring pants (depending on the weather) are a modern alternative to leggings.

Now you know I am not one to put comfort over style, especially when you can have both. Yes, ladies you can be comfortable and stylish. You can wear sweatpants outside of the house if you style them properly. In fact, a few weeks ago I wore a pair of Target sweatpants with a white tank, leather moto jacket, and a pair of white pumps (check out the look here).

Comfortable and stylish and you can do it too. I’ll show you how …


Add Heels to Elevate Your Style

I know, I know it sounds counter intuitive to wear comfy sweats and uncomfortable heels but hear me out. A.) You need to pick your battles and B.) some heels are actually comfortable. In order to not look like a total slob, adding heels gives you that “I care” attitude. The comfort you experience from your sweats will carry over to your feet (kinda).


Pair with a Luxe Material

Take a dressed down pair of drawstring pants and dress them up with a fancy material like leather or sequins. The contrast will be quite stylish and make your choice in comfy pants seems genius.


Add a Layer or Two

Give your look some dimension and visual interest by adding a layer like a vest or a jacket. Combine this with the heels rule and you will be good to go.

So tell me, how do you feel about wearing drawstring pants out in public. Simply stylish or simply lazy?


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