How to Play Up Your Best Features


One of the questions I ask all of my clients during our initial consultation is ‘What do you consider your best feature?’ I am often met with blank stares during this part of the process. Here is the thing – everyone has a “best” feature! Sure some days its harder to identify them than others. I get it. Sometimes I feel like the hottest girl in the room and other days everything is wrong and it’s time to throw in the towel. When those throw in, the towel days come I look at my body piece by piece. I start off by being grateful that all of my parts work and serve a greater purpose than looking good. Then I “pick” my favorites and don’t even acknowledge my flaws (ain’t nobody got time for that negativity). I encourage you all to play along. I’ll go first.

My best features are; my boobs, my waist, and my butt. Your turn. I’ll wait …

See saying what you like about yourself isn’t so bad. That was three out of a crap load of body parts. Now that I have identified my favorites I can play them up through my fashion choices. When you play up your best parts, you detract attention away from your not-so-great parts. Here are some tips on how to shine a light on your best parts.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna is in my head today but seriously, taking a page out of Rihanna’s book isn’t a bad idea. A great way to highlight the areas you love is to wear pieces that are shiny or that have a bit of sheen. Sequins are always a win but don’t forget about metallics, shiny satin, and mirrored accents. Anything bright and flashy will bring the attention to your best and keep eyes off of your worst.

Another way to shine bright is with accessories. If you favorite feature is near your face (chest, arms, neck) you can wear a stunning statement necklace to bring the attention upwards.


Pattern Play

If shine is too much for you, patterns work in the same way. Pick a fun pattern and rock the heck out of it. Just remember to wear something solid on your less than perfect part. For example, if you love your upper body but can’t stand your lower half – wear a pattern up top and basic black pants below.


Belt it Out

A woman’s waist is the smallest part of her body, and that is a feature that deserves some attention. If your waist isn’t as obviously tiny as the rest of your body, fake it with a belt. Belt a cardigan, add a belt to high-waist pencil skirt … the possibilities are almost endless.


Find Just the Right Fit

There is this happy place to between hiding behind baggy clothing and stuffing yourself into something that’s a little too tiny – it’s called close fitting garments. If you want to show off your best self, you should look into wear garments that fit closely to your body. How can you highlight your tiny waist if it’s hiding under a baggy tee shirt? That’s what I thought.

jennifer hudson

Literally Show It Off

This one is kind of obvious but lets remember to keep it clean please … So if it’s appropriate show off your best features by showing a little skin. Have some rockin’ abs? Wear a crop top. Leg for days? Shorter hemlines are a good choice. Arms like Michelle Obama? Sleeveless for the win. Get what I’m saying?


How do you showoff your favorite features? Share them in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook.

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