A Day in the Life of a Stylist: Shopping


A big part of my job is shopping. Yeah, I know, life is so hard. But seriously it is kind of hard. Shopping for clients isn’t at all like shopping for yourself. For example instead of hitting two or three stores in one day, I hit 10-15. I have to think about what the clients wants, what they need, will it fit their body, their lifestyle, will they like it, is it in their budget, can I return if they hate it? So many questions. Don’t even get me started on the stress of shopping for multiple clients at one time. It’s a bit harder than chewing gum and walking.

My shopping success begins with my what’s inside my bag. I need to have all of my gear before I even consider leaving the house. I’m going to take you inside my bag and explain why I need what I have to get my job done.

inside lauren messiahs bagiPad Mini

I love my iPad so much. It is my #1 tool as a personal stylist. I can shop on it, I can check emails, I can create client mood boards, I can do anything on it! I always bring it with me to reference client mood boards while I’m at the stores and I use it as a backup for checking email/texting if my phone suddenly dies.

Measuring Tape

I will straight up measure a garment right there on the sales floor. I will also measure a mannequin to see how they compare to my clients. I keep a measuring tape in my purse, in my styling kit, and I even have one in the car.

Client Information Packet

This is gold. This book contains all of the information that is pertinent to successfully styling my client. I never leave home without this baby. Each client has their own special book with all of my styling secrets for them.

Contact Book

This is a directory from my other company School of Style, it has all of the contacts I need to get my job done as a personal stylist. Including stores, tailors, stylist supply stores, and more.

Business Cards

Whenever I introduce myself to a new store or business, I always leave them with a card. Cards are also  handy to hand out to potential customers. I constantly get stopped at stores by people who are interested in my services.


No matter what your profession, you need a an iPhone. It’s extra handy for me because I keep all of my clients sizes and measurements in my contacts.

Notebook (and pen)

I am constantly writing down ideas, referring to little shopping reminders that I left myself for particular clients, and basically it’s always a good idea to carry pen and paper.

Tide T0-Go Pen

I am the queen of spilling stuff. I am always dropping something on my shirt or on my pants. I am a pretty messy eater, so my Tide To-Go pen keeps me from looking like a total slob. Also, if I find something at a store for a client and it has a makeup stain on it, I will wipe it right out.

Safety Pins

All stylists carry safety pins, it part of the job description.


Gotta love baller, right? Yes but also when you are driving ALL day the sun the sun will beat your eyes right out of your head.


A carry a big wallet because it is loaded with credit cards. Here’s some bad news, when you are a stylist you put everything on your credit card and your client pays you back. That means lots of credit cards.

Beauty Stuff

I can’t exactly walk around looking like a slob (being at the stores is like being in the office for me). So I carry the usual suspects – lip balm, powder, lotion, hand sanitizer, mints, and facial mist

Caffeine (and snacks)

I’ll let you in on another secret; there is no lunch break when you work as a stylist. There simply isn’t time. I always carry something to drink like a tea or a Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee. and some sort of snack. You need fuel to get the job done, and unfortunately, it isn’t coming in the form of a hot meal until after you get home.



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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Stylist: Shopping”

  1. Love this! It confirms that what I’m doing isn’t weird but correct, AND I picked up some great advice for the future. I’m shopping Last Call Pre-Sale at Neiman’s tomorrow for 3 clients, so I’ll put your wisdom to use! XO

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