3 Tips for Making Your Cargo Pants Super Stylish


Are cargo pants ever okay? Oh that’s the million dollar question. Well maybe it’s more like a $40 question … but a great question all the same.

I say it depends on who’s asking. For men, if you are under 30 they are okay, over 30 never okay. Now for all of my ladies, this all depends on how you style them. Cargo pants can look extremely chic if you wear them right. I have a couple of tips to help make your cargo pants look perfectly acceptable.

Fit First

Overly baggy pants scream 90’s raver scene or, even worse, they scream you borrowed your Phish-loving college boyfriend’s cargo pants. A nice relaxed but slim-fitting pair of cargo pants is your ticket to success.

cargo pants look

Pants // Top // Blazer // Shoes // Necklace // Bag

Choose Your Direction

Believe it or not, cargo pants can be little style chameleons. Choose your styling direction for the top half and simply add cargo pants to the bottom. For example, go menswear inspired with a simple white blouse and blazer. Care to go more bohemian? A floral blouse and long layered necklaces will do the trick.

Shoes Matter

This styling trick separates the chic from the sloppy. Wear good shoes. Adding a pair of heels or boots will take your cargo pants to the most fashionable of places. Don’t ruin your carefully styled look with some busted up shoes. Sneakers, even nice ones, are bad news as they downgrade look.

Do cargo pants make your style it list or are they still on the outs?

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  1. I really love your blog, you’re totally inspiring me. I love fashion I just graduated college and I’m debating a career in fashion. Your life make me want to just dive right in and give styling a chance. Thanx!

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