What to Wear With Birkenstocks

birkenstocks16I have mixed feelings about Birkenstocks. Part of me hates them with a passion. Not because they are ugly (they are) but because they remind me of college (not the fun parts). My college boyfriend lived in his Birkenstocks and they were disgusting. I mean DISGUSTING. He never took them off! They were always soaked in beer, and lets just say he wasn’t the type of guy that really gave two shits about his feet.

Then there is the other part of me, the part that succumbed to the trend before it was a trend 3 years ago when I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs Birkenstocks. I actually wore said Birkenstocks just the other day. They were comfortable and I loved it.

Today, these “ugly sandals” are having a huge moment and why kill yourself trying to resist the trend. If you like being trendy and being comfortable, I say fuck it! Here are a few different ways you can embrace this trend.


With Jeans

A cropped pair of jeans will show off your ugly sandals in all their glory.


With Shorts

If cropped jeans show them off, imagine how much attention these sandals will get in shorts!


With Overalls

Go for two ugly trends that you will probably regret later at the same time. Fashionista high five!


With Black

Black = sophisticated. Look how good this girl made her Birkenstock sandals look. Well played.


With a Hat

Distract them with your chic little cap. Works every time.

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