What to Wear On Date Night (When You’ve Been Dating For Ages)

date night outfit ideas

Long term relationships are pretty awesome. You are finally at that stage where you can truly act like yourself. Sweatpants are okay, takeout and Netflix are where it’s at, and going makeup free isn’t a problem. The downside to a long term relationships is because you get to act like yourself 24/7, you sometimes forget how to pull it together when you all are out in public.

I get it. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 5 years now and getting dressed for a dinner out or a trip to the movies almost seems pointless. Not in that looking good out in public is pointless but putting on your finest and a full face of makeup seems a bit extreme at times. The struggle is real.

I’m not one to stay in the struggle position, so I’ve mastered some simple ways to kick it up a notch for date night with the old ball and chain – men can be called that too, right?

Throw a Jacket On It

When I get the old, “Wanna go to dinner? Our reservation is in 30 minutes” (a common exchange at this house), I clearly don’t have enough time to pull together a winning look.  My go-to is to throw on a leather jacket, a blazer, or any other fabulous light weight jacket I have lying around, over what I already have on. Adding a polished extra layer goes a long, long way.

plaid shirt leather jacketleather jacket

Heels Are Always a Good Idea

Nothing says, I still care like a woman in heels. I swap out my Converse for a pair of Louboutins and I’m suddenly dressed up. Last week for a date night at the Arc Light I kept the same tattered boyfriend jeans and tank that we wore to the beach but I added a vintage Versace jacket and black patent leather Loubs and I was ready for our date.

boyfriend jeans and louboutinsimage via ahippiesdaughter.com

Red Lipstick

You know how they say that red lipstick is a turn off on a date? Well that only counts if it’s a new person. They are afraid of the mess lipstick may cause if they get that kiss goodnight. Old faithful (aka your significant other) doesn’t care. Throw on bit of red of lipstick to refresh your face. No need to start over and waste all of your fancy foundation.

lips-woman-jacket-matched-her-red-lipstickimage via www.bellasugar.com

And If You’re Really REALLY Into It …

Shave your legs and put on a dress! Sometimes it’s fun to pretend it’s the first date. Get all dolled up and really shock him. This is how you keep that spark alive. Sounds silly but it’s true. When my guy takes off the hoodie and puts on a blazer for date night? Yep, it’s a good night.

kate moss for topshop dress Kate Moss for Topshop

What is your go-to date night outfit consist of? Tell me in comments or join the convo on my Facebook page.

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