Client Makeover: Event Stylist Goes Glam

Last week I did a mini-makeover with a new client who needed a few new outfits for an upcoming event. Rachelle is a business owner who specializes in event styling. She is in the process of expanding her empire and didn’t have time to shop for a conference where she will be a keynote speaker. In addition to not having the time to shop, Rachelle also wanted a new perspective when it comes to her style.
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We started the process with a consultation where she gave me her vision for her new look. Her must haves were pink, black, white, and gold accessories. She was very open to my take on her personal style as it relates to her brand but the pink was a non-negotiable, as it’s her signature color.  Rachelle was set on showing women (through her look) that all women can be a modern day Super Women. A woman who balances life, work, and style – all with a bit of sexiness. Her style icons include Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, and Lala Anthony.

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I wanted to to create a look that was sexy, modern, and sophisticated. A look that showed Rachelle’s boss CEO side, coupled with a bit of softness and femininity to make her very approachable and relate-able.

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Rachelle didn’t want to break the bank because investing in her business is number one (fellow female entrepreneurs can relate) but she was willing to spend a little extra money for the right piece. I did some shopping at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Topshop, Zara, DSW, and TheOutnet – for a nice high-low mix.

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I focused on a white palette with pops of pink and a little black. The white really flatters Rachelle’s skin tone and nothing says “boss” like a woman in all white. I am also a sucker for mixing gold and white, so the accessory pull was mostly consisted of gold.

jewelry tray

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This was one of my more fun fittings. We started off chatting about business and branding since this was really key to the process. After we got that out of the way it was a try on party. Rachelle tried on at least a dozen looks and ended up with a big piles of “yeses” … I love it when that happens.

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With all of my fittings, it is important that the client stays within their allotted budget so we did a small edit at the end. She ended up with four outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, and a bunch of fun accessories.

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Rachelle’s final looks included a white dress from Topshop paired with hot pink earrings and white shoes from Zara. A pink Trina Turk dress paired with leopard print pumps, and a gray Rebecca Taylor dress with a sexy pair of black pumps from Zara. She also went home with a lace skirt from Zara, paired with a cashmere tank top.

rachelle love jones
I had a great time working with Rachelle and I know she is going to dominate during her conference in her fresh new looks.

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3 thoughts on “Client Makeover: Event Stylist Goes Glam”

  1. I love this!! I have taken your class and I wonder, what do the tags say on the rack? Also, I have picked up my first client who happens to be a newscaster her in Detroit and her budget is really small but we want to make a big impact, any suggesttions beside frequent buy and returns? Also, if a client wants to purchase and item, do they pay right then or do I invoice them and let them keep the item? BTW, I am not given any money up front, she is helping me build my brand as I enhance her as a personal brand. Thanks

    1. Those are my rack dividers – I write the names of the stores on them when I sort my returns.

      Congrats on your first client! How exciting 🙂 I do a lot of online shopping for clients now to find the best deals. Zara makes an impact for less and The Outnet is great for finding incredible deals. Net-a-Porter is having their end of the season sale, so you can get designer goodies for 70% off.

      As for the money – I don’t let the client leave my sight until they pay for my services and the clothes. No money, no clothes. You can collect all of that at the end of the fitting.

      Hope that helps! Good luck with your client. You are going to do great.

      1. Oh, thank you so much Lauren! Now on to making this thing work! I’m excited and I am so thankful that you are available to answer questions, in my little big city, I just want to do it right, so thank you!

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