12 Tips to Help You Survive the Summer


It is officially summer and I am kicking it off in my hometown of Washington, DC. I’ve been here for almost two weeks and the weather is making me remember why I don’t live here anymore. My conclusion, if you don’t live in Los Angeles, summer sucks!

Ooook, perhaps I am being a touch dramatic. The warmer than 74 degree temperatures are nice and I love a good summer thunderstorm but that still don’t make up for the other issues (humidity, I am looking at you). My beauty routine was forced to make some east coast changes, 12 of them to be exact.

1. The shower is the poor woman’s pool

OMG it’s freaking HOT during the summer when you are outside of LA. Sometimes you just need a quick shower – even if you already took one. Make it quick to ensure you don’t dry out your skin.

2. Veet is the ultimate summer hair removal hack

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t always shave my legs. I get lazy but I typically wear pants so it doesn’t really matter. On the east coast during the summer? Yeah, pants aren’t going to cut it. These legs need to be hair free at all times. During this trip I broke out the Veet because “ain’t nobody got time” for daily shaving.

The Veet Gel Hair Remover Pump is where it’s at. It doesn’t have that nasty chemical smell and you can use it right in the shower – no more drama. My hair was gone in 3 minutes flat. I applied it 3 days ago and I am still smooth as a baby’s butt.

3. Leave-in conditioner + styling paste for frizz-free curls

My hair has been a hot mess for past two weeks. Hot. Mess. No matter what I do the humidity puffs my natural hair up faster than some Jiffy Pop. I finally came up with a solution: wet hair, add leave-in conditioner, comb through, add styling paste. Hair stays frizz free all day.

summer beauty hacks

4. Serum for moisture is better than a lotion

Even though I’m sweating the day away in this 90 degree heat, the skin on my face manages to get crazy dry. I have found that my west coast moisturizers are no match for this east coast nightmare. What does work? A great serum – I have been using this one from Clinique.

5. Calamine lotion is the only solution to devilish mosquito bites

Dude, the mosquitos LOVE me here. I am covered in bug bites. Covered. The only thing that works is Calamine lotion. Get yourself a bottle, go for the clear kind to keep you beauty intact.

6. Waterproof mascara is the only mascara

I don’t know why I ever use regular mascara because I love the waterproof formula. I accidentally bought regular Dior Show and I am paying the price. During the summer go waterproof. Lesson learned.

7. Carry a bottle of water at all times

It is the oldest beauty trick in the book but staying hydrated does do wonders for the skin. I just got into the habit of carrying a refillable glass water bottle with me at all times. This helps me drink more water and I would even venture to say that my skin is glowing.

8. Use a setting spray for your makeup

NYX Matte Setting Spray is my best friend. The end. This is a must for keeping your face in place.

9. Don’t leave home without your shades

I forgot my sunglasses at home and that was so not cool (I quickly remedied that problem). Even when the sun isn’t shining bright, it still manages to get in your eyes. Sunglasses protect the health of your eyes and they prevent wrinkles (squinting is no joke).

10. Wear SPF

I always wear SPF on my face but I often forget about my body. You tend to forget how much exposure your skin gets on a daily basis. So slather it on and protect that precious skin.

11. Go make-up free

It’s hot and sometimes wearing makeup makes you feel slimy and gross. Have a makeup free day every once in a while this summer. You can go without it, trust me.

12. Get outside

Vitamin D is pretty potion. Get yourself outside and do something fun already. Staying cooped up in the house is what winter is for.


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