10 Ways to Wear Mules

The older I get, the lazier I get. It’s kind of scary actually. I never thought I’d let this laziness seep into my wardrobe but it has. The good news is this – the secret is to make your lazy girl wardrobe look like you aren’t lazy at all.

Enter the mule.

Mules are the lazy woman’s go-to heel. You just slip them on and go. Many of them provide tremendous comfort as well. Double win.

Here are 10 ways to wear your lazy girl footwear – in style.

Simple and Black

Once you go black … This is a low-risk, no-fail winning combination.


Classic with Denim

Hem your jeans so they hit right at the ankle to really show off those mules.

ripped jeans with mules

With a Mini Skirt

Did you know that mules work wonders when it comes to elongating the leg? Couple that with a mini-skirt and you’ve really got it made.


Punch it up with a Floral Print

Because floral = fun!


With Evening Wear

You don’t think of a mule as being a formal shoe but look at them go right here.


Cropped Up

Cropped pants can look super-chic with the right pair of mules.

yellow mules street style


Bling for the win! This could also be a bitchin’ DIY project.

jeweled mules

With Cut-offs

A great pair of shoes can make the most tragic of wardrobe choices look chic.


With a Midi Skirt

This is the skirt of the moment and it practically begs for a mule to go with.

street style mules

Go Metallic

I just bought this pair from Zara (on sale- no shame in my game) and plan on wearing them with everything. Metallic shoes make any outfit a little more special.

zara metallic mules

Tell me, would you add a pair of mules into your wardrobe?

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