What to Wear to a Daytime Summer Wedding

summer wedding what to wear

Facebook feed is like a not-so-gentle reminder that everyone I grew up with is either a.) already married with children or b.) getting married and the wedding invitation/ gift registry is on it’s way over. Facebook is like the modern day nagging mother, shaming me for being the lone un-married wolf who is too busy working on building her empire to make a dream wedding Pinterest board.

Whether you are single or taken the summer wedding invitations are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them. So save the date, empty out your savings account for the gifts and destination wedding accommodations, and get ready because the only redeeming quality this wedding has to offer (except for the joy of seeing your friends find true love) is that you get to shop for a new outfit. Oh wait, coming up with an outfit to wear to a wedding is totally stressful and awful. Yikes, my bad.

Well lucky you because I am here to help with some killer tips for getting dressed for a daytime wedding. Stay tuned because I have more summer wedding posts coming soon.

Daytime Does NOT Mean Casual

A lot of people get really confused when they see the words wedding and daytime in the same sentence. The common misconception is that daytime means casual and that so isn’t the case. This is a wedding people, the union of two people who love each other very much – so dress up for goodness sake!

Dressed up dresses for day would include a fancy sundress or a stunning maxi dress, a floral cocktail dress, or a sweet (read not sexy) cocktail dress that isn’t too short. Always wear heels unless you HAVE to wear flats. Heeled sandals or wedges are also appropriate. Also be sure to keep your accessories dressy by adding a clutch (something made with straw or raffia would be cute) and jewelry.

vivienne westwood maxi dressVivienne Westwood maxi dress

Don’t Break the Bank

Unless you love, love, love the dress – don’t break the bank on it. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a dress that you are literally are going to wear one time. Zara is my go-to place to cheap-chic that won’t fall apart when the wind blows. Zara is also great for women in their late 20’s and 30’s. Steer clear of H&M and Forever 21 for this occasion.

zara floral dressZara dress for under $100

It’s Not About You

Sorry if I’m stating the obvious here but this day isn’t about you. Your goal is look nice without drawing too much attention yourself.  The bride is the star of the show. Keep the cut of your dress modest and the color palette toned down. I recommend avoiding neon colors, jarring prints, and white. Pastels and floral prints are always a good idea for a summer wedding.

preen yellow dressPreen dress


– Pastels, floral prints, and other toned down colors

– Modest silhouettes like tea length, maxi, and an inch above the knee

– Heeled sandals, wedges, and other appropriate dressy shoes

– Clutch or small handbag

– Neat hair and makeup


– Dresses that are too short, too low cut, and anything that would be considered super sexy is a no-no

– No flip flops

– Say no to denim

– If it looks casual, take it off and try again!

erdem floral dressErdem floral dress

What will you be wearing this wedding season?

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