The Ultimate Weekend Getaway Packing Guide

weekend getaway

Bag // Jeans // Swimsuit // Sunglasses // Dress // Leather Jacket // Tee // Shirt // Shorts // Sandals // Necklace

Lately I’ve been out of town more than I am in town. I wish I could say I’ve been jet setting for pleasure but it’s all been work related. Right now I am craving a weekend road trip to Palm Springs. Just one tiny little weekend to myself. A trip where I don’t have to stress out of over what I pack. A ‘grab a chic duffel bag and go’ type of deal.

While I work to find an open weekend I am fantasy packing/coming up with an awesome weekend a getaway packing guide for you all to adapt for your trip and unique personal style. Check it out …

What to Pack

When you are going away for the weekend you really don’t want to pack too much as far as wardrobe goes. Consolidating to a carry-on is best, especially with airlines charging an arm and a leg to check bags (can I get a free checked bag?) is best.

Here are a few simple tips to follow …

– Pack garments that are in the same color family so they can all be mixed and matched together

– Choose items that can be layered

– Don’t be afraid to wear the same garment twice

– Narrow your shoes and accessories down to one of each if possible

– Don’t forget your swimsuit (I always forget mine)

Inside My Imaginary Weekend Bag …

My duffel bag has one pair of dark wash skinny jeans because I can rock these during the day or night. I packed two tops – a simple gray tee shirt and a neutral plaid button down. I chose these tops because of their versatility. The tee can be worn alone or under the button down or jacket. The button down shirt can be worn with the jeans, the shorts I packed, or even over the dress. I can’t go anywhere without a leather jacket  so instead of my classic black I went with pink. Again this can be worn with all of the other pieces I packed.

For the accessories I went for one pair of sandals that can be dressed up or down. Sunglasses because who can live without those. A statement necklace that can dress up your evening look or spruce up your daytime look. And finally a swimsuit because a weekend getaway ain’t shit without a dip in the pool.


Casual and cool with plaid and leather.

vaca look 2


Dressed up for dinner with a jersey dress (won’t wrinkle in your bag) and the leather jacket.vacation look 1


Ready for lunch then a dip in the pool with this cool shorts. The plaid shirt can be worn open with the tee and shorts or as a cover-up for the bikini.

vaca look 3

What’s in your weekend getaway bag?

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