The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making While Shopping


To some, shopping sounds like its all fun and games but to others its nothing short of a freaking nightmare! I love shopping (so much that I do it for a living) but sometimes even I want to poke my own eyes out during a shopping trip. I’ve come up with 5 major (and avoidable) mistakes that women make while shopping. Steer clear of these and it will make your shopping life a little bit easier.

Shopping While Hungry

When I am hungry you seriously don’t want to mess with me. My mood is not cute and the tiniest thing can set me off – and apparently I’m not alone when it comes to this. Shopping while hungry makes you irritable and unfocused. Have a light lunch or carry snacks in your purse. You’ll thank me later.

Shopping on a Deadline

It’s like some kind of screwed up fashion law, when you have to buy something (especially for an event that is always the next day) you can never find what you are looking for. Shop for the event way before the event arrives. I like to have a few special occasion dresses already in my closet as a plan B in case the shopping gods have it out for me.

Shopping for a Head-to-Toe Look

When you try to create a head-to-toe look right there in the store, the results are pretty patchy. Buy pieces not outfits and create the look once you get home. Chances are that killer top at Zara matches with something in your closet at home. Playing stylist at the store can be frustrating and often results in a generic “straight off the mannequin” look. If you get the piece home and it doesn’t go with something you already have, return it or find it’s completer piece on your next shopping trip.

Shopping on the Weekends

If you can, avoid shopping on the weekends at all costs. It’s amateur hour. The malls are crowded with teenagers, families, and more teenagers – it’s a jungle out there. Shopping during the week makes for a less stressful environment.

Shopping with Your Boyfriend

Leave your boyfriend or girlfriend at home if you are shopping with a purpose. Window shopping with your significant other is one thing but having them around on a shopping mission is a big no-no. Nobody wants a mopey, complaining, looking at his watch every 5 seconds, energy vampire messing with your shopping mojo. Make shopping a solo mission or bring a trained professional.

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