Stylish Office Inspiration

stylish office

As my businesses grow (Lauren Messiah Personal Styling and School of Style) I’ve realized that I am growing out of my office. The room that used to act as my dressing room/closet, has morphed into my dressing room/closet/ office/ styling room. Way too many slashes in that equation. So my plan is to move into a bigger space that can hold me, my assistant, and all of the gear I need to style clients – my clothes are sick of sharing and need their room back.

stylish office

I actually love moving (even though it’s a pain in the ass) because it means that I can redecorate. HomeGoods here I come! Before I can start the shopping process, I have to start the inspiration process. My Pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas but here are some of my favorite images that are getting me inspired.

stylish office

Doubting I’ll have room for a couch but maybe an awesome chair instead.

stylish office

A framed Hermes scarf would be perfection! Must have that happen.

stylish office

Can ever have too many books.rachel-zoe-office

Gallery wall behind the desk.stylish office

More books.stylish office

So darn chic! stylish office

The master, Jenna Lyons.stylish office

Love the idea of having a screen.

images via Domaine Home

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