How to Step Up Your Accessories Game

stacked rings layered bracelets

Accessories are one of the best ways to express yourself. You can take a simple outfit and take it to the next level through accessories – whether it be jewelry, hats. bags, or even by using your shoes as an accessory. In my latest episode of ‘Lauren Messiah: Uninterrupted” I take you on a tour of my accessories closet and show you how I step up my game with accessories.

Layer Your Jewelry

My favorite trend right now is layered necklaces. Take a few of your favorite necklaces and stack them to make a real statement. Not into necklaces? Try stacking your bracelets or rings instead.layered bracelets

Put a Lid On It

Hats are one of my favorite ways to upgrade your look. Right now my hair is so big that I can’t rock this trend, which PS is one of my favorites. If you can afford it, invest in at least one good hat because a cheap hat is a not-so-awesome hat. Rag & Bone makes a great quality hat for under $200.

leather baseball cap

Bag It

When you carry a great leather bag, things change. One amazing designer bag will take you to the next level. Buy designer resale or hunt down a luxury bag at TJ Maxx (I got a Givenchy Nightingale there) to save a few bucks.

How do you step up your game with accessories? Leave it in the comments below to inspire others.

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