How to Make a Statement with a Scarf

how to wear a scarf

Scarves are one of the most underutilized accessories available today. One scarf can instantly upgrade your look  over and over again. There about a zillion ways to wear a scarf. So why aren’t you wearing one? Check out my latest episode of ‘Lauren Messiah: Uninterrupted’ to find out how you can make a statement with a scarf.

Lately my favorite way to wear a scarf has been on my head like a pared down turban. When my newly natural hair is acting a fool, a scarf is the perfect way to tame the beast all while looking fabulous.


But when all else fails wearing a scarf around your neck is never a bad idea!

la-modella-mafia-Models-Off-Duty-Street-Style-Fall-2012-Scarves-1  giovanna-battaglia-scarfimages via – , , , ,

How are you making a statement with a scarf? Leave it in the comments below.

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