7 Creative Ways to Store Your Cosmetics

makeup storage

I guess it comes with being a girl but I have a lot of cosmetics – like a lot! I am always looking for creative ways to store my beauty finds to make them look as presentable as possible because a bunch of clutter is never cute.

Before you even get to the display/organization stage you want to make sure your cosmetics are a.) still good and b.) clean. There is no need to keep more than you need and if you are going to show off your goods, they need to look their best.

1. Loving Some Lucite

Target has them, Container Store has them – tons of stores have inexpensive lucite-like storage containers. They show off your brightly colored beauty products without visually taking up too much space.

makeup cosmetic storage2. Cute Cups

Stylish cups and glasses from places like Anthropologie make awesome containers for your makeup brushes.

makeup cosmetic storage

3. Boxes and Trays

Get them at Homegoods and store your goodies the fashionable way.

makeup storage

4. Let it All Hang Out

Don’t hide your cosmetics away. Put them all out of the counter in cool containers like these mirrored trays.

makeup storage

5. Be a Label Whore

Chanel always looks good! Keep the big brands out as a work of art.

makeup storage

6. Vases

After the flowers have died, save the vases and load them up with your products.

makeup cosmetic storage

7. Salt, Beads, and Sand

Use decorative sand, salt, or beads to give clear glass containers a little twist.

makeup cosmetic storageimages via Pinterest

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