Why You Look 10lbs Heavier (and How to Fix it)


I’ve yet to meet a woman who wants to look heavier than they actually are. Now I’ve worked with clients who want to look curvier or who perhaps wants to fill out certain area of a garment – but heavier? No, I haven’t come across that one yet.

The thing is, a lot of women are doing this without even knowing it! They are walking around looking 10lbs heavier than they actually are because they are making one or more of these common styling mistakes. Lucky for you, I am taking a page from Vanilla Ice’s book (hellooo … “if there was a problem, Yo – I’ll solve it!”) with some styling tips to help you combat these missteps.

Your Clothes Are Too Small

I know, I know it feels SO good when you can zip closed that dress that is a size smaller than your actual size. Or you can’t face the fact that your size 4 days are long (or temporarily) gone. I’m here to tell you that just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits. Wearing clothing that is too small is a sure-fire way to make you look bigger. If the number on the tag bothers you that much, then just cut it out. No two designers cut their sizes exactly the same way. Sometimes even the sizes can vary within the same brand! Take H&M for example I can wear anything from a size 2 to size 8. Ignore the number and go for what flatters your figure.

Wearing Clothes That Are Too Big

And then there is the other extreme … drowning in your clothes. A lot of people think they will look smaller if they are swimming in their clothes. I call it the “honey, I shrunk the kids” syndrome. The truth is that all of that extra fabric is making you look extra – extra large. Either visit your tailor or go a size down.

You Are Playing Up the Wrong Features

No one has a perfect body (okay maybe Halle Berry does). Everyone has a feature they’d rather hide and a feature they enjoy playing up. The problem is some people accidentally play up the wrong features. If you dislike your big booty, skip the sequin pants and opt for black trousers instead. Rock the sequins up top and play up your slender arms instead. Get where I’m going with this? Bigger area gets camouflaged with darker colors and smaller areas get all the attention with color, texture, and shine.

You are Hiding

Hiding. Perhaps the biggest fail of them all. You see this one all the time in Vegas with the woman with the queen sized booty, rocking leggings with a tunic that covers her backside. This technique actually has the opposite effect, the tunic is highlighting the problem area and making it look bigger. Another common one, women with a bit of belly who wear a giant flowing top to “cover” the problem. The end result is accidentally looking pregnant. Hiding the area isn’t the answer. Highlight a more appealing area and add structure around the parts of your body that are less than tight. The end result is a thinner looking physique.

Do you have a technique for dressing 10lbs lighter? Share it in the comments and spread that knowledge.

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