Love Your Clothes Again: Band Tees


This past Christmas I received 3 legit band tees from back in the day. No cheesy remake from Urban Outfitters (no offense) but the real deal. Since then these tee’s have been part of my go-to “I want to look cool but I’m feeling lazy” ensembles. These got me thinking, lately I haven’t seen people rocking these tees as much as I used to.

Ladies, it’s time to love your band tees again. So break out those old Aerosmith tees (or N’Sync depending on how old you are) and fall in love with this super-cool/ lazy-chic look.

Now lets get inspired …

Upgrade with Heels

This is the laziest outfit ever – tee shirt, boyfriend jeans, and a cardigan but it looks insanely cool thanks to a pair of heels.


Add a Moto Jacket

Nothing says cool like a moto jacket – this is the way I like to rock my vintage band tees.


Stand Next to a Celebrity

That Nirvana tee is looking a million times cooler standing next to Gwen Stefani (kidding, kidding – not kidding).


Layer Up

A flannel underneath a concert tee? Yes! So 90s, so awesome.


Bundled Up

This chick is ready to go camping, to the grocery store, or to a fashion show! OK- her model good looks are helping her out more than a little bit but I am loving the cozy layers.

band tee street style

All By Itself

No bells and whistles here, just a chic bag and a nice hair-do pull this tee out of Sloppy Land and into Chicville.


How do you rock your vintage band tee?

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