How to Tell if Your Clothes Actually Fit


You may have heard this one before but in case you haven’t; fit is everything. It doesn’t matter how expensive (or inexpensive for that matter) if your clothes don’t fit you right, you are going to look cheap and that sucks. The problem is, most women don’t actually know if their clothing fits properly.

The common myth is that if you get it on your body and it zips – it fits. WRONG!  I’ve got a few pointers that will help you determine if your clothing actually fits.

Jackets/ Blazers

If you feel like “fat guy in a little coat” … your jacket doesn’t fit. But seriously, if you can’t comfortable drive or give someone a hug, your jacket is too tight and it’s time to go a size up. Also make sure that the shoulder seam hits right at your shoulder. Getting a jacket sleeve altered is a tricky and expensive alteration, so shop around to find the brand  that fits you best.


Shopping for jeans isn’t always the most fun thing in the world. Most women have to try on at least a dozen pair before finding the “perfect” fit. Choose jeans that fit “snug” because jeans will stretch out. If your jeans are gaping the back but fit everywhere else perfectly, get the back taken in. If you are rocking a muffin top when you put on your jeans – you need to go a size up.

The length of your jeans should be 1/4″ above the ground. Get one pair altered to fit with flats and another pair hemmed to fit with heels.


A good rule to follow is the two-finger rule. Meaning, you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers in the waistband of your pants. If your fingers can’t fit, your pants don’t fit. Another tell tale sign that your pants are too tight is if there is puckering in the back or the front. You want pucker-free pants. Always.

Button Down Shirts

These are tricky for women with larger busts because often times there is gaping between the buttons. If there is a gap, even if it seems small, the shirt doesn’t fit. You need to go a size up and tailor it down around the waist.


This of course all depends on the silhouette of the dress but generally speaking a dress should skim the body and not squeeze the body. You also don’t want a dress to fit so largely that you can’t see the shape of your body. Another thing to look out for is riding up. If your dress rides up when you walk it’s too small.

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