BTS: Lauren Messiah, Uninterrupted

IMG_5133I am crazy excited about my new video series, Lauren Messiah: Uninterrupted. My good friend Shannon helped me put this magical series together. Our goal was to talk fashion, have a little fun, and allow you guys to get to know me a little  better.

We taped 5 episodes in two days and I will be rolling them out over the next month or so. You’ve actually already seen two episodes (right???) this one featuring my fitness + fashion philosophies and this one that is all about sequins.

You’ll have to wait on the next three but here are some fun behind the scenes photos to tide you over.

IMG_5117Having a moment with Yohji

IMG_5116The dream team working their magic in my dressing room/office

IMG_5119Camera man getting personal with the sound gear

IMG_5132Oh hey, it’s my Stella McCartney sequin skirt

IMG_5136Am I explaining something or diva-ing out?

IMG_5151   In my living room just talking about fashion

IMG_5110Yohji aka the most handsome dog ever

IMG_5175 A little b-roll at the dog park

IMG_5179… in Balmain

IMG_5192Getting all up in my business!

IMG_5196Shooting on the streets of Los Angeles

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