How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Dressing Room

heidi-gores-clothing-closet-31It is no secret that I love my wardrobe. In fact, my clothes have their very own bedroom. I converted one of the extra bedrooms in my house into one gigantic walk in closet. You can see it here and here … PS- majorly old pics, need to do a new closet post soon. orig-15942821

If you were blessed with enough closet space (and who really is if you think about it) and have an extra room or a den lying around, I suggest you get busy! I’ve got a few tips and tricks for turning your space room into your dream closet.

Cover your windows

A windowless room is best but if you have windows (like I do) cover them up. It sounds all dreamy and wonderful to have natural light gushing through but unless you want sun-faded clothing you’ll cover those bad boys up with the quickness. Blinds or curtains will do the trick or you can go pro and get them professionally covered if you are super serious about this project.tumblr_m60zz6Hkbf1qh24n6o1_1280

Get Good Lighting

This is the place where you will get dressed everyday, so you want the lighting to be perfect. Harsh florescent lights are always a horrible idea. Speak to a professional lighting expert and they will be able to help you find the light bulbs that will help you look your best.Suzanne_Rogers-02-full

You’ll Need a Mirror

Sounds Captain Obvious but a full length mirror is a must. I’m not talking about a crappy one from Target that you hang on the back of your door either. Get a large, beautiful mirror – one that makes a statement in the room. 36f73ee10ce4

Built-ins & Racks

An empty room will do you no good if you don’t have built-ins and/or clothing racks. Get shelf crazy or create your own closet on the cheap with Ikea. I have a combination of built-in shelves and DIY rolling racks that my handyman made out of pipes and wood.


After you get the technical part out of the way you can decorate! Rugs, decorative boxes, a cozy chair, mannequins, art … the possibilities are endless when it come to decorating your dressing room. I spend more time in my dressing room than I do in any other room in the house, so you know I have to make it look good!

159c56063a3bb6d9fc610f1d6a7d3105Have you turned a spare room into a bedroom? If you have any tips please leave them in the comments section below.

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