12 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

IMG_8118aJewelry, specifically costume jewelry, is the one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your wardrobe. I have a ton of jewelry and my storage methods have been constantly evolving as my collection grows. I am one of those “out of sight, out of mind” kind of girls – so I have to be able to see my jewelry in order to wear it.

With that in mind, here are some creative ways to store your jewelry.

On a Tray

Grab some decorative trays (I got mine at Target and Homegoods) and display your most beautiful and most worn jewelry.


In a Dish

Vintage bowls or dishes (grab some vintage looking ones at Anthropologie) are a great way to store your rings and bracelets.


In a Drawer

Beautifully lined drawers with smaller compartments are also a great way to store your goodies.  IMG_8124a

Custom Drawers

These aren’t your average drawers, these are ultra-thin and designed specifically for your jewelry.


In a Jewelry Box

Head to your local flea market and pick-up a vintage jewelry box to set inside your dressing room.


On the Wall

A piece of wood and hooks is a simple DIY trick to store your necklaces.


Jewelry Armoire

For a couple hundred bucks (or less) you can get a jewelry dresser that has room for your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

20130809-002140On Stands

Go to a retail display store (Acme Display is a good one) and get some jewelry stands.


A Built-In

Get your handyman to make you a built-in unit for your jewelry.


With Nails

I do this one, just stick a nail in the wall and hang away.


With Clipboards

Cute and crafty!


On a Bust

You can also get these at Acme Display (or at Michaels) – love how the displayed them here.


How do you store your jewelry?

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One thought on “12 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry”

  1. I went crazy at the Container Store like a year ago and got transparent acrylic everything: a folding screen for necklaces and earrings, a short tower with drawers, a bracelet spinner, and a beading box (grid-style compartments) for rings.

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