8 Ways to Look Chic in the Rain

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April is just days away and you know what that means … April showers! Well not in LA (it never rains here) but for all of you fine folks who actually have four seasons, I’ve got a few tips to help you look chic in the rain.

Rock a Clear Bag

Don’t mess up a leather or, god forbid, a suede handbag with some pesky rain drops. Carry a clear bag instead. It’s super-fashionable and weather-proof.


Put a Lid On It

I mean, that’s what they’re there for …


Boot Up

A chic pair of rain boots or a high-fashion pair like this are perfect for rainy (or snowy) days.


Patent Leather for the Win

If clear bags aren’t your bag, try a patent leather one instead.


Get an Umbrella

I mean, duh! But it is always a good idea to have a small one at your desk and a big one in your car at all times.


How About a Trench

A trench coat is a classic and is perfect for a drizzly day (not a downpour)


Try a Hood

It’s no umbrella but it will keep your hair nice and dry – plus it looks good.


How do you stay chic in the rain?


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