Make Yourself Look Taller with These 12 Tips

shutterstock_71954710Not all of us were born with supermodel proportions but many of us wish we had been. I for one like being short but when it comes to style, a few extra inches never hurt anyone. I’ve got a few stylist tricks that will make you look a little bit taller.

Heels – Duh!

Okay this one is kind of Captain Obvious but did you know that wearing the right kind of heels can make you look even taller? Pointed toe shoes help draw the eye down and helps elongate your legs. This trick even works with flats if you aren’t one for heels.8fd8a84c

The Higher the Waist …

Be careful with this one because high-waist pants and shorts can look a little funky on some body types, however a high-waist skirt is almost always a win. This silhouette will make your legs look a mile long. More of a dress girl? This trick works with empire waist cuts as well.taylor-tomasi-hill-fall-2012-fashion-week-street-style-2

Monochromatic for the win

Wearing one color makes you look nice and streamlined and in the fashion world that means tall and thin. Bonus points if you wear darker colors.RED-PANTS-TOP-LIPS-CAROLINE-SIEBER-FASHION-WEEK-CAROLINES-MODE-STOCKLHOLM-STREET-STYLE-1

Vertical Lines and V-Necks

Ditch the classic horizontal stripes and trade them in for something vertical. You can also create lines with seams, patterns, and other fun details. Another V-related trick is to wear a v-neck top or dress.paula-joye-black-white-le-21eme-before-theyskens-theory-new-york-fashion-week-spring-summer-2013-street-style-black-white-trend

Flare Out

Skinny jeans are everyone’s favorites (mine too) but mix thing up a big with a flared pant, these babies not only make you look tall but thin too.flaredjeansjacket

Don’t Do This

Avoid things that will make your legs appear shorter like an extra long top, flats with an ankle strap, and (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth) capri pants. These items will break up the body instead of giving you a nice long look.

Other Useful Nuggets

  • A well-executed slit will add a little magic to your bottom half
  • Bring your height up with a super cute hat or a chic top knot
  • If you’re going to belt it go for a skinny belt
  • Avoid larger prints as they can be overwhelming and make you look smaller
  • Wear long necklaces as another way to give length to the body


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