How to Get Out of an Office Style Rut

Q- I’m in a bit of an outfit rut at work (my office is business casual). What are some pieces I can buy to spice it up?

A- Nobody likes a style rut. Nothing starts a day off better than a killer outfit and when your outfit is ho-hum … you wind up with a ho-hum day. I have some simple upgrades that you can make to boost your office style.

Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry

I know this particular piece of advice might not scream groundbreaking but hear me out … Take a $100, head to TJ Maxx (or H&M or Forever21) and buy a gang of jewelery. I spent $250 at TJ Maxx the other day and got some incredible statement necklaces that took my current outfits to the next level. Never underestimate the power of jewelry.a9c5c0e0-bf1f-11e1-8ccd-00144feabdc0

Punch up your pants

Are you sick to death of black pants, pin stripes slacks, and the likes? Buy a few pairs of colored trousers and have a little fun in your biz-casual setting.197348_980

Love a jacket!

Fun blazers are the best way to upgrade a ho-hum ensemble and you can do it for less at places like Zara and H&M. Not a fan of the blazer? Try a cool cardigan instead.3196-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-After-Chanel-Haute-Couture-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2013_AKS9542

Skip these upgrades (and go for these instead)

Shoes and bags are best kept as classics at the workplace, so don’t waste your hard earned cash on flashy bags and shoes. If you don’t have a great classic black bag and shoes, then make the investment today!street_style_mercedes_benz_fashion_week_nueva_york_primavera_verano_2013_169847114_1200x800

Those are my tips, if you all have any good tips please leave them in the comments! Thanks.



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