How to Find a Designer Bag for Less

Carolinaengman-celine+bag-+camel+coat+with+leather+sleeves-+womens+street+styleFinding an amazing classic designer bag on sale is like spotting a zebra in the grocery store – your chances are slim to none. However I have some secret stylists tips for finding these magical bags for less.


Don’t hate on an outlet mall! Higher end outlets malls are a treasure trove for discount designer goodies. The outlets near Palm Springs are next level awesome. The YSL outlet has all the great classic bags for less. The Barney’s New York outlet also regularly has designer bags on the cheap. So put your walking shoes on, grab your pepper spray, and hit those outlet malls!

Designer re-sale

High-end consignment stores are probably the best place to get a designer bag for less. Sure most of these bags are gently used but understand that these types of establishments don’t take gross, messed up bags – the bags they take are always in great condition. Decades in LA is my personal favorite but there are tons of other amazing resale stores all across the country.

Online consignment stores

Don’t have a great designer consignment store in your city? No worries, just look online. Sites like The Real Real, Tradesy, and Shop Hers are my favorites. For links to those online boutiques and others check out this post on Racked.

Happy shopping!

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