How to Dress for an Oscar Party


The king of all award shows is less than a week away and chances are you are going to at least one party. Why not celebrate the success of other people with fabulous clothes, food, and tasty beverages? I mean, they did contribute to your entertainment all year long.  Now here is the bigger question – what the heck are you going to wear? I vote for something fabulous! I’ve got some outfit idea for you but first take a look at the following guidelines …

Check the invitation

If you are the one throwing the  party then you can create the dress code. If not ask (if the dress code isn’t stated on the invitation). If you are sitting on the couch eating pizza rolls then you can clearly wear jeans and a tee shirt or fake an illness and skip that horrible party! However, if you are going to a fancy party feel free to glitz it up a bit.
oscar parties 5

Be inspired by the red carpet

Please don’t rock a gown if you aren’t walking some sort of red carpet or going to a major Hollywood party BUT I do encourage you to wear something red carpet inspired like a bold color, metallic, sequins, or a piece of statement jewelry. It’s the Oscars you may as well have some fun.

Long lasting makeup

Let’s get real for a moment, award shows are LONG so you need to make sure your makeup can keep up. Avoid heavy eye makeup that can crease and run down your face. If you rock a bold lip, make sure to bring the tube for periodic touch-ups. Or you can be a total badass and rock some glitter makeup – how award winning would a look like that be?

And if you are throwing the party …

I know the show is coming up but you still have time to throw the ultimate Oscar party. All you need is your outfit and since you are the host you can wear the most fabulous frock ever! You’ll also need an invitation (a Paperless Post invite will do the trick), a food menu (get that bad boy catered by your favorite restaurant), and a signature cocktail. Don’t want your carpets ruined by tipsy gals in heels? Try some boozy ice cream instead …bc9af637409d9bec5890b468b0016ab0



  • 3.5 oz Baileys® Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Toppings (optional)


  1. Put 1 scoop of ice cream in a small glass.
  2. Pour Baileys over scoop. Sprinkle in your favorite topping.

A couple of ideas to get you started …

Let these awesome pieces be your guides!

424529_ou_xl408769_ou_xl400053_ou_xlCream and White Dress// McQueen Jacket //  Lace Dress

And here is my Oscar Party look … #inmydreams

oscars party look
Tell me, what will you be wearing on Sunday, March 2nd?


Baileys Irish Cream. Stay Stylish. Drink Responsibly.

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