10 Ways to Wear a Varsity Jacket

knZ7hM-W7uE5_MPjqGYXWrN5i-VprNKeD6GAlcdBA9M=w883-h589-noThe varsity jacket/ letterman jacket, or whatever you want to call it, is super trendy right now. The thing with trendy items is that you typically wear them once or twice before you are completely over it. Well I’ve got news for ya – if it looks good wear it and if you don’t know how to just ask me!

I’ve got 10 stylish ways for you to wear your varsity jacket. Check it!

With a statement necklace

Because a statement necklace makes even the sportiest piece look fancy.


All prepped out

Varsity jackets are very high school and the preppy style is very school-y as well – match made in heaven.


With a pencil skirt

Give a feminine look a tomboy twist with an over-sized varsity jacket.varsity-jacket-look-2

Work it in with the classics

Upgrade your basic button down and jeans with an of-the-moment letterman jacket.


With a dress

Free flowing + sporty-masculine makes for a wonderful and unexpected combination.


With bad-ass accessories

Tough gloves and a couple of bracelets gives this sporty piece a whole new attitude.S_Yarhi-Street-Style-leather-and-metal+via+textstyles+ca

Tricked out with embroidery

No one will see this coming when you add incorporate some fine embroidery into the mix.


With prints

Seems obvious (a solid with a print) but in this case it isn’t … and I like it.


Color blocked

Ditch your basic blue jeans or black pants and sub in a pair of colored denim instead.


With fur

Sporty style paired with the ultimate luxury item = the best thing ever.1861-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Ece-Sukan-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_21E1686How are you rocking your varsity jacket?

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