Style Tips That Will Trim Your Thighs

Rihanna-Great-LegsI’d rank this body issue #3 amongst my clients (tummy being #1 and booty being #2) – thunder thighs!

Truth be told, most men actually love a meatier thigh, but women? We could live without them. For some reason women long for the elusive “thigh gap”.  I’ll admit, I have fallen victim to this crazy desire but have since come to my senses. The cold, hard truth is this … the thigh gap is not physically possible for the majority of women. A small percentage of women (aka supermodels) fished this body trait out of the gene pool! Bone structure and hip placement also play a huge role in this “look”.

With that being said, you can stop chasing “the gap” and start implementing some of my style tips that will help trim the look of your thighs.

Long and Lean

When flared jeans were at the height of their popularity, this was my #1 go-to trick. Extra long flared jeans with extra high heels. Make those jeans a darker wash and you are really in business. This look tricks the eye into making your legs look longer and thinner. A cropped pant will do just the opposite. This image perfectly illustrates my point. You’ll also want to avoid high-waisted pants and jeans that taper in at the leg.

Go with the Flow

Flowing fabrics that skim the curves of your bottom half are the optimal choice when it comes to visually trimming your thighs. A-line skirts and dresses are also a great choice. On the flip side, tight fitting skirts and dresses will have the opposite effect. Check out how Alicia Keys gets it right (and wrong).

Working with Colors & Prints

When it comes to colors it’s best to keep the bottom half darker and the top half colorful. Darker colors are less eye-catching, plus they are also slimming. Keep prints off of your bottom half as well unless they are pinstripes, which help slim and elongate.

A Few More Tips to Take On

  • Skirts should hit mid-knee instead of mid-thigh. The knee is slimmer, therefore more flattering for your overall figure
  • Wear medium weight fabrics – flimsy fabrics are flattering and thick fabrics are too bulky
  • Stay away from 3-dimensonal pockets on the hip, butt, and thigh area – these add bulk
  • Grab some shapewear for more formal occasions – they work wonders

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