Style Yourself: How to Dress for a Fundraiser

So you’re going to a fundraiser, good for you! No seriously, good for you. Fundraising events are awesome because you’re helping to raise money for a worthy cause. You also get to network with like-minded people, and you get to play dress up. Okay some of those thing are more important than others but you get what I’m saying.


How you dress for a fundraising event can be challenging. You want to not only represent yourself properly, you also want to show respect for the organization you are supporting.


Here are a couple of stylish rules of thumb that will make getting dressed a little bit easier.

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Follow the dress code

All fundraisers aren’t created equal. Some are more casual and some are more formal. Here are a couple tips, for more info check out this helpful article.


With a word like casual tied an invitation, you can almost guarentee that no one is showing up in a gown or a cocktail dress. A sundress or even a cute/ polished looking ensemble with jeans is totally appropriate.

409909_ou_xlIsabel Marant jacket


Don’t be afraid to show a little school spirit with a school tee or sweatshirt. This is probably the only time you can get away with wearing such a shirt in public.

405989_ou_xlMarkus Lupfer sweatshirt


It’s time to bust out your fanciest cocktail dress, heels, and statement accessories. A chic suit would be even be appropriate for this type of event. Oh and LBD are always welcome to formal fundraiser events as well.

406972_ou_xlDonna Karan dress

Black Tie

Don’t hold back when the invitation says black tie. Formal, floor-length dress are must. Genuine jewels, fur, silk, and satin are not only welcome, they are expected. Hair and makeup should also be on point (think red carpet!)

401907_ou_xlMarchesa gown


Keep it age-appropriate please. RULE: when wearing tights or stockings,closed-toed shoes are a must; when in doubt, little black dress. For more tips on how to dress for a political event check this out.

403256_ou_xlStella McCartney dress

Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Respect the person/organization hosting the event and avoid anything revealing. Keep it classy and conservative, no matter the event

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