How to Dress When You’ve Gained Weight

Q- I recently gained some weight (20 lbs!) and am not really sure what to do. A VERY small handful of my super cute clothes still fit and its driving me insane to wear the same outfit over and over. While I have recently changed my diet and am working towards losing the weight, I crave shopping!

What can I do now that I plan on losing weight but I’m tired of not having clothes to wear? Are there things I can buy that will fit when I’m skinny again? Help!Street-Style-Couture-Fashion-Week-2014

A- So you gained a few pounds – it happens! That is no reason to suffer in the same old clothes until you lose the weight. You need to invest in a transition wardrobe. Don’t break the bank or anything crazy like that. Take a cruise through cheap and chic joints like H&M or TopShop (they are having a sale right now) or visit TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. Anything you buy that doesn’t work when you lose the weight can be sold at Crossroads or Wasteland – you won’t make all of your money back but something is better than nothing.

While you are out shopping, look for the following pieces …

Wrap dresses

These babies will shrink and grow with you. Plus the whole belting action will make you look thinner.

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr seen looking stunning wearing a long silk flowing dress while leaving her apartment in New YorkJeggings

Love a jegging! Much chicer than leggings and they can withstand weight gain. PS- J Brand is the best.tommyton


Sweaters and knits in general hide a multitude of sins and they look great over-sized too! So when you get back to your fighting weight you’ll be looking oh-so-chic.


Shoes & Accessories

Great shoes and bold accessories can make the same old outfit look completely different. Also these items are immune to weight gain. Hooray for shoes and

More dresses!

Dresses will be your best friend during this transitional time. Nothing form fitting because they won’t work once you slim down. Rock that same baggy dress with belt once you ditch those extra pounds. Jersey is also a fantastic material to wear while you are working to lose the weight.PFW STREET STYLE SHIFT DRESSES OVER THE KNEE BOOTS 2

One final note …

Be sure to show off the parts of your body that you do love/ feel confident about. If you have thing limbs, show them off! Rock a mini or skinny jeans. Weight gain make your boobs look extra awesome? Show off a little cleavage – live a little.

4 thoughts on “How to Dress When You’ve Gained Weight”

  1. believe it or not, shoes and accessories are not automatically immune to weight loss/gain! (take it from someone who had yo-yoed between sizes 8-18) shoes i bought at my lower weight were too tight at my heavier weight. bracelets may not fit over your hands if you carry your weight there, and ive found certain stretch bracelets to be uncomfortably tight when im heavier.
    this is just my experience, and i know its not universal, but just thought id share. 🙂

    1. Great points and thank you for sharing. Especially on the shoes. I’ve found that certain styles of shoes work better when you’re heavier and some not so much. Maybe I should do a post on that next …

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