How to Dress When You Are Between Sizes

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Q- I’m in between sizes and not sure what to do. Clothing is either too small or too big. Any suggestions?

A- Being in between sizes sucks. No one likes going up a size, and squeezing into a garment that is too small is never a good look. Lucky for you I do have a few suggestions …

Invest in a transition wardrobe

If you are in the process of losing weight then you need to get yourself a transition wardrobe. Now when I say “in the process” I mean you are actively trying to lose weight with diet and exercise. What I don’t mean is sitting around “wishing” you would lose weight. This time in your life calls for stylish jeggings (J Brand makes a great pair) and lots of cotton and jersey materials. In short, things that stretch.

Belt it out

As my friend Laurie Brucker always says, “when in doubt, belt it out”.  Adding a waist defining belt to a slightly over-sized garment will help you achieve the fit you are looking for. Plus no what your size, belts always make you thinner.

Always go up

Never ever squeeze into something that is too small, even if you are “going to lose the weight”. Always buy bigger. If you are in between sizes, the bigger size shouldn’t be too-too big. A little bit of extra material never hurt anyone.

Go to the tailor

No one ever likes this answer but out of all of my tips, this one probably makes the most sense. Find yourself a good tailor and get stuff altered. Here is a fun fact, 60% off women can’t buy clothing off the rack! That means 60% of women need to take their butt to the tailor on a regular basis.

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