How to Hide a Less-Than-Perfect Tummy

One of the questions I always ask my clients is this, what area of your body would you like to play down? 9 times out of 1o it’s their midsection (whether they are a size 2 or size 22). Unless you are Britney Spears circa 1999, you are probably less than confident about your tummy.

shutterstock_128867815 Save your body shaming for another day (preferably never) because for every body problem there is a stylish solution.

Shapewear (of course!)

It’s the oldest trick in the book, good old fashioned shapewear. Back in the day it was all about corsets, today it’s all about Spanx. For me, I only wear Spanx if I am going to an event where photography is involved. Other than that, Spanx are freaking painful. Use at your own discretion.

Wearing the right shoes

Bet you didn’t know that shoes can slim your midsection! Skip stilettos and go for a thicker heel to balance things out. Another option is a shoe with a pointy toe, these are my secret slim-down tool.


Lies! Wearing a smaller size to make you look smaller

Yeah, that doesn’t work. Wearing clothing that is too small can actually make the problem much worse. Go for a size up to avoid the dreaded muffin top!

Accessories are your friend

A belt to create a waist, a bag to draw the eye away (keep it on the larger side to keep yourself balanced) Tunics and looser fitting tops are also great, but don’t forget to add some shape with a belt or jacket

Highlight your other assets, but keep it classy

Great jeans to show off a killer backside. Wearing a color that enhance your eyes. If you have great legs, show them off! Are you getting the point yet? Try to take attention from your problem area and on to the areas you are the most proud of.

More Lies! Black is always slimming

Black done RIGHT can be slimming, but don’t just throw on a slinky black dress and think it’ll hide the flaws.


More than 40% of women are unhappy with their bodies – a figure which has gone virtually unchanged since 1984

Nearly 56.2 percent of women said they were not happy with their stomach

Only four percent of women globally consider themselves beautiful (how sad it that?)


The great beauties of yesteryear ” from Lillian Russell to Marilyn Monroe “would be considered FAT by today’s standards. Sound the WTF alarm please.

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