Grammys Style Hits the Streets

Lets talk about the train wreck called The Grammys that aired this past weekend. If you follow me on Twitter you will know exactly how I felt about the show. There were too many awkward moments to count (I’m looking at you Taylor Swift) but the biggest disappointment of them all was the fashion. The Grammys are supposed to be full of crazy, out there, look-at-me fashions and to me it was nothing but a big ole snooze fest. If I wanted to see boring gowns I would have tuned in for the SAG awards.Madonna-Grammys-2014There were a few stand outs but I have to give props to my girl Madge. Was Madonna the best dressed? Well no, not really. But she actually take a chance and have some fun with fashion? Yes she did and I applaud her for that.  Actually if you break it down her look was pretty sick. A great hat (you know I’m a sucker for a hat) and a menswear inspired suit (nothing wrong with that). Where she took the wrong turn was with the excessive amounts of bling and that god-awful grill BUT you are supposed to act a bit of a fool (fashionably speaking) at The Grammys.

Another thing worth noting is that Madonna’s look translates perfect to the streets. Her look is one of my favorite street style looks, actually. A little menswear + a little hat action = magic.

Don’t believe me? Check out these looks that are strikingly similar to Madonna’ can create this look yourself without breaking the bank by shopping at places like Zara (I’m loving Zara right now). I actually stopped into Zara and picked out a few key ingredients so you can channel Madonna out on the streets.

grammys look for lessJacket // Hat // Jeans // Shirt // Shoes // Necklace

And finally … my own Madonna look with a hat from Urban Outfitters, a jacket from Nordstrom Rack, leather pants by Elizabeth & James (also from Nordstrom Rack), Givenchy bag from TJ Maxx, and Fenton necklace from Barneys (on sale). See you can totally rock A-list style for less. Boom!


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