8 Tips For Balancing A Bigger Booty

So you’ve got some extra junk in the trunk? I get it. No I mean I really get it because I’m a girl with booty to spare. Though I’m never one to hide such an amazing asset, balance is key.

I’ve got 8 great tips for keeping your bottom half in proportion with your top half.9234597

Don’t cover your rump

Look for fitted tops (not baggy, baggy is not your friend) that come to the top of your hips. A lot of women with wider hips and bigger butts tend to fall into the “lets me wear this long ass tunic top” trap. Don’t fall for the tunic’s siren call. A top that covers your backside actually makes it look bigger.

Add volume to the top

In order to make your bottom half proportionate to your top half, you need to add volume to the top. This will help create that hourglass look you crave. Ruffles, cowl necks, structured and exaggerated shoulders will add that necessary volume.

Lets make things interesting

Color, texture, pattern, and shine are your friend when it comes to dressing your top half. This will keep eyes off of your bigger bottom.

Jackets for the win

I always put my clients with bigger bottom halves in structured blazers. Single button jackets also emphasize a tiny waist.

Now for the bottom half

Stay away from the tight-fitting, short skirts at all costs – as they only accentuate the bottom half and don’t do your curves justice. A-line skirts, wraps and dresses work wonders as they accentuate your waist and make your other curves look gorgeous, not saggy and baggy.

Those jeans

Pretty simple: Aim for a darker wash for a slimming effect and a boot cut or flare. Skinny jeans are tricky as their tapering effect will not make you look balanced but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done. Just pay attention to my rules for the top half when it comes to wearing skinny jeans.

Dress up

A-line and wrap dresses are great, as well as dresses with a full skirt. For the top half of the dress, follow the guidelines for tops and look for something with interest and eye-catching details.

Last but certainly not least … undergarments

Shape wear that smooths the hips and bottom will set your outfit up for success in the balancing department. Also, an all-time favorite: the push-up bra. For a larger booty, visually enhancing the breast size helps to achieve the coveted hour glass figure.

Those are my tips but also be sure to take inspiration from celebrities that share this body type like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and Kim Kardashian. You can also check out this link for more tips and information.

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