10 Ways to Wear a Sweatshirt

paris-street-style-sweatshirt-and-sparkly-skirtSweatshirts have gone from being a frumpy garment that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing outside of your home to a fall/winter style staple. If you think about it, sweatshirts are really giving sweaters a run for their money.

Even though sweatshirts are technically okay to wear out in public, they do need be styled properly in order to leave the confides of your home.

Here are 10 ways to wear a sweatshirt without looking sloppy.

With a statement necklace

Nothing says “I’ve got style” better than a statement, add one (or two) to your sweatshirt to pull together your look.


With skinny jeans and heels

A big baggy sweatshirt usually needs a splash of sexy to spice things up. Skinny jeans and heels will do the trick just fine.


As a suit

Can you think of anything more ugly sounding than a full-on sweatsuit? Turn that ugly into something fab with accessories and neat hair and makeup.

966x830In a modern material

Take that sweatshirt out of the sweat zone with a more modern material like neoprene.

a_4x-horizontalWith a hat

Hats make everything better. End of story.

anjarubik_february42013With boyfriend jeans and heels

If you aren’t up for wearing a pair of skinny jeans, that’s okay. Boyfriend jeans can look sexy too when you pair them with heels.

kenzo-sweater-street-styleWith a button down

Go preppy with a button down underneath your sweatshirt. Bonus points for incorporating a statement necklace.

street-style-sweatshirtWith a pencil skirt

Nothing says pulled together like a pencil skirt.

sweatshirt+chicUnder a jacket or coat

Don’t let your sweatshirt be your final layer. Add a leather moto jacket or a trench to add depth to your look.

tumblr_mijiw9H5rT1qc5z7jo1_1280All by itself (if it’s stylish enough)

Sometimes I really killer sweatshirt can carry your entire look. If that is the case, just wear it with the most basic pair of jeans in your closet.

sweatshirt5How do you wear your sweatshirts?

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