Tips for Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

la-modella-mafia-Model-Street-Style-Lian-Kebudi-black-with-gold-chain-necklaces-1Q- How do you break out of the “black trap” aka wearing black ALL the time?

A- Lets face it, wearing black is awesome. It’s slimming, it’s chic, it’s easy … So why would you ever want to break out of black?!

Just kidding, I totally get it. Wearing black day in and day out not only gets boring, it starts to look lazy after a while. Plus there are so many other great colors out there that need your love.a_4xTransitioning from an all black wardrobe sounds easy but that isn’t always the case. Wearing all black turns into “a thing”, your “thing” if you will. The best way to add color into your life is by doing it slowly.

1.) It’s in the bag

When I was finally ready to purchase my Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, I really wanted to get it in black but decided on purple instead. The purple provided a really fun pop of color and coordinated well with my mostly black wardrobe. So try a colorful bag instead of a basic black one. If purple is too crazy, go for taupe or beige instead.New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013-Streetstyle-Day-One-67-682x1024

2.) Yay for statement jewelry

A love a multicolored statement necklace on an all black backdrop, love it. Start a colorful collection of statement pieces to liven up your black wardrobe.20130314-013033

3.) How about some colorful kicks?

All of the colors that you are too afraid to wear on your body, try them on your feet. You don’t even have to worry about them matching your clothes because black goes with everything.london2-45_120424315101

4.) Layer on the color

Another way to introduce some color into you life is by adding colorful layers to your black ensemble. Have a neon tank peeking out from a black sweater or add a colorful blazer on top of a head-to-toe black are my tips for adding some color into your wardrobe but you can also just say f it and wear a head-to-toe color blocked look, think of it as fashion shock therapy.

If you have tips for getting out of the black trap, please leave ’em in the comments

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