Style Yourself: Meeting the Parents

Meeting the parents is a big deal in any relationship. It’s usually a sign of taking things to the next level, which is always exciting. Of course once the excitement wears off the panic sets in. What are they going to think? What are you going to say? Should you call them by first name or with a Mr. and Mrs. attached? So many questions but the biggest one of all being, what are you going to wear!?Meet-the-Parents-lie-detectorWhen it comes to dressing for the parents there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You need to look true to yourself, all while looking grown-up and responsible.

I’ve got some tips that will point you in the right direction when it comes to dressing to meet the parents.

Keep the trends to a minimum

Now is not the time to embrace the latest trends. Think classic and timeless when getting dressed for this occasion. Channel Audrey Hepburn not Lady Gaga.400052_ou_xlOscar de la Renta dress

Break out the modest footwear

Sky-high heels are major no-no. I’m not recommending you wear moccasins or something crazy like that but definitely skip the 5inch and above variety. A classic black pointy toe pump is always a crowd pleaser.25zFINEPOINTS-articleLarge

Show NO skin

Cleavage, a lot of leg, and baring your midriff are all no-nos. My rule of thumb is this, when in doubt, change! The last thing you want to do is to give Dad a free peep show and Mom another reason to dislike you.399077_ou_xlRed Valentino pleated skirt

Tone down the make-up … big time!

Go natural with the makeup. Even the slightest bit of black eyeliner reads raccoon eyes to the parental units. Red lipstick is bad news too; it will a.)  Make you paranoid all night (lipstick on your teeth) and b.) Can read promiscuous to the older crowd.

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