Style Yourself: Airport Attire

Cheryl-Cole-departs-Heathrow-Airport-for-Amsterdam-2338712Call me old school but I long for the days were people actually dressed up for air travel. These days it’s all about UGG boots and sweat pants – so not chic. Many people find this hard to believe but you can actually dress comfortably and stylishly.

Yes this can be done. Celebrities do it all the time and it’s not because they are rich and famous. If you look at them, the pieces they are wearing are things we all have in our wardrobes.

I’ve got 4 tips on how to dress for your next round of travel and some pics to help you get inspired. Check it …

Layer up

Airplanes are cold – really cold. Layering not only provides warmth, it also provides style. I typically opt for a thick-oversized cardigan or cozy sweater coat and a chic scarf or wrap.image

Quick and easy footwear

Thanks for airport security, footwear that is easy to get on and off is a must. Plus, you would never want to wear too-tight shoes since feet tend to sweet during the flight. A slip-on flat boot or sneakers always works well for me because they provide warmth too. Don’t forget to wear socks, bare feet on that airport floor is super icky.image 3

Be a big bag lady

Carry a large handbag to fit all of your in-flight necessities. The 31 Hour bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim has been a travel lifesaver for me. It’s much more stylish and sturdy than a backpack, tote, or a shopping bag.kate-beckinsale-in-skintight-leather-trousers-at-heathrow-airport-in-london_1

Find a sweat pant alternative

Sweatpants won’t get you upgraded to first class anytime soon. Plus, there are a ton of other comfortable pant options to choose from. As I type this I am in route to LA from Miami in a pair of J Brand legging jeans. Target makes some stylish denim leggings that are cheap, comfy, and loaded with style.rosie airport styleA little more inspiration for ya …

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley departs from LAX Airport, Los Angeles, America - 15 Apr 2013Sienna-Miller-Denim-Leggings-3

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