Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

imageTech gifts are always a hit come gift-giving season. I mean who doesn’t love a useful gift? Make it stylish and then you are total gold. Here are a few of my favorites, ones that I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree.

tech gifts

Alexander Wang for Beats by Dre -Everyone knows that Beats by Dre makes amazing speakers and that Alexander Wang is the coolest designer on the block. Pair those two forces together and you have the ultimate techy-fashion gift.

Vintage Lace Travel Speakers– Ever try to watch videos on your mobile devices only to be frustrated by the inability to hear well enough? Problem solved – in the most trendy way possible, of course!

Remote Shutter–  To aid in the “selfie” epidemic! Because who isn’t taking selfies these days?

Trendy headphones/ear buds– I am such a fan of these headphones. If the Beats by Dre headphones are too strong looking for your recipient, these are you answer. The ear buds are pretty amazing too.

Rabbit TV–  Plug into your computer and you have free access to thousands of TV channels on the go! Perfect for business or family trips.

Tech Earmuffs– For those of you in colder climates where ear muffs and music are simultaneous necessities.

Quilted Tech bag–  Keep all of your devices safe and look amazing with a black leather quilted bag.2340832

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