How to Find the Perfect Bra

If your “girls” are in need of a pick-me-up, forget plastic surgery and reach for a great fitting bra.La+Perla+VIP+Listimage via froufroufashionista

Until about a year or so ago, the last time I was fitted for a bra was in college … at Victoria’s Secret. No offense to Victoria’s Secret but the high school students working there aren’t exactly experts at fitting a woman for a bra.

I took my butt to Nordstrom (highly recommend) and got a professional bra fitting. Not only was a I wearing the wrong size, I was wearing my bra TOTALLY WRONG!

When I left Nordstrom I was armed with some great bras, a head full of knowledge, and a “free” boob job.  I was like a new woman. With that being said, let me share some of that knowledge with you.

Get fitted

I kind of went on this rant already but seriously, get fitted. I recommend Nordstrom or visit a trusted bra boutique in your city.

Wear it right

Did you know you should wear your brand new bra on the outermost hook? I didn’t either. As the elastic stretches through normal wear, THEN you start on the next set of hooks.

Also, tighten those straps and tighten them good. Your boobs should be up and at attention.

Store them with care

I always stored my bras by folding them in half (cup in cup) but apparently that is all wrong. Lay your bras open in your drawer, it will  help them hold their shape and make them last longer.

Go with the good brands

Bras are important and important things cost a little more money than say non-important things. Wacoal, Natori, and La Perla are my personal favorites and can be purchased at nicer department stores.

Money saving bonus tip: You can also find these brands at Nordstrom Rack

Replace often

When was the last time you bought new bras? Can’t remember can you. Bras should be replaced every 6-8 months and that is if you are taking care of them correctly (washing them by hand or in a delicates bag with lingerie soap).  But consider this, the more bras you have in your wardrobe means the less often you have to wear each one, which means you don’t have to replace them

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