19 Wardrobe Malfunction Fixes

pfw-fw2013-street-style-day8-26_104623335260As a stylist it’s my job to fix wardrobe malfunctions. I’ve had to unstick broken zippers, sew people into dresses, make a size 10 foot fit into a size 7 shoe … I’ve done it all. Here are 19 easy fixes for wardrobe malfunctions that everyday women experience.

1.) Deodorant Marks

Nothing sucks more than slipping into your new LBD only to find out that you’ve ruined it with white deodorant marks. Skip the baby wipes and reach for foam. They actually sell these magical foam discs for this very reason but I use the little foam pieces they clip on to pant hangers when I’m in a pinch.

2.) Heel Scrapes

Stiletto heels and city streets can be a deadly combination. On misstep and your new heels are stuck in a grate, which obviously results in a horrific scrape. Prevent this with Heel Protectors, which are genius little stickers that protect your heel. If it’s too late simply pull down the scraped leather, glue it down with a dot of superglue and cover with a sharpie. This will serve as a quick fix but your shoe guy shoe also be no speed dial.balenciaga-heels

3.) Arm Jiggle

If you arms are looking a little jiggly in a tight fitting long sleeved top, there is a solution. They actually sell arm shapers. Genius.

4.) Dreaded Back Fat

Don’t let a little back fat or bra spillage keep you from wearing an amazing dress. Invest in a great body shaper or specialty bra like this one and you will be home free.

5.) Bra Strap Showing

A bra strap that keeps trying to make an appearance is definitely annoying. Tame those straps with a bra convertor or use a safety pin, which does the trick as well.

6.) Linty Sweater

This one seems obvious but since so many of my clients find this to be new news, I will share. A sweater shaver! These babies cost next to nothing and will save your sweaters from those nasty pills.13a

7.) Slippery Shoes

They sell these amazing little grippers everywhere and they work like a charm but of you are in a pinch, try sticking a few stripes from a lint roller on the bottom of your shoes instead.

8.) No Pockets

Out and about with no pockets and no bag? It happens. Instead of putting your money in your bra, stick one of these little invisible pockets to your skin instead.

9.) Sweaty Situation

Some people sweat a lot, it happens. Keep those underarm stains away with Garment Guards. They are little liners for your underarms that can be tossed out at the end of the day.

10.) Stuck Zipper

A stuck zipper = instant panic to most. With this trick you can save your panic for another situation. Simple rub some Chapstick on your zipper and it should get it unstuck in a jiffy.

11.) Tough to Get-on Shoes

Having a hard time getting your shoes on? Maybe your feet are swollen from a long day or a flight? Rub a little hand sanitizer on your feet and then give it a go. I learned this trick from a model, so you know it works.

12.) Peek-a-Boo Top

Say your bra is showing between two buttons on your button front shirt, what are you going to do? Tape it closed of course. Stay away from your desk drawer and make sure you always have Top Stick aka toupe tape, which works way better than regular double-sided tape.pfw-fw2013-street-style-day7-24_135820287899

13.) Price Tag Residue

When you remove price tag, from say, the bottom of your shoe – there is usually some residue to follow. Grab the Goo Gone and it will wipe right off.

14.) High Beams Showing

Please don’t make me explain what high beams are. Ok fine, they are nipples. If you have pokey nipples that simply will not do. Grab some nipple covers or round Bandaids to cover-up that situation.vogue_street_style_spring_2013_vogue

15.) Too Small Bra

Out grew your bra? Bra extenders are a must until you invest in some new bras. They even come in a variety of colors, so this solution definitely won’t break the bank.

16.) Panty Line Problems

Some malfunctions simply cannot be pardoned, one of which is visible panty lines. Believe it or not they actually sell strapless panties! Or you can just go commando, if that’s something you are into.

17.) Pants Won’t Stay in Boots

Tall boots with tucked in jeans is a fall staple. If your jeans are having trouble staying put they have a handy elastic strap that will keep them in place.1353985699Batman_Top-high_Boots-over_the_Knee_boots-Street_style-outfit-11

18.) Shoes Too Big

I am guilty of buying shoes that are too big just because they are awesome and didn’t have my size. You can’t shrink shoes but you can make add an insole or a heel pad to take up a little of that extra room.

19.) Wrinkled Mess

Have ever put on the perfect outfit only to find out it’s a wrinkled mess? Happens all the time. I never leave home without my hand steamer but for those of you who aren’t crazy – steam up the shower and hang your garment inside the bathroom as a quick wrinkle remover.london-street2-27_1943316596

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  1. When we’re doing fashion shows for Turn It On Fitness, despite telling the models to be careful with makeup on the clothes, it always happens. So if you get makeup on your clothes try some Shout Wipes. Don’t take my word for it, their website has an overall 5 star rating for these little buggers!

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