10 Ways to Wear Sequins

s_1Know who loves a sequin? This girl. However I can’t stand a poorly executed sequin – bad news. Cheap sequin club dresses = bad news. Gratuitous use of sequins = bad news. Aside from that it’s you are pretty much in the clear.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate sequins into your life, with some snazzy photos to match.

 1.) Mix with a neutral

Pair loud sequins with a matte, toned down neutral like beige or brown. This will take down the intensity of the shiny sequin.08lfw-street_14355245219

2.) Buy pre-mixed sequins

If you are having trouble styling sequins, get them pre-styled like this amazing dress with sequin sleeves.


3.) Add something old

Love this look! Shiny new sequins paired with a vintage tee shirt. So good.fashiolista-fashion-girl-gold-sequin-streetstyle-favim-com-98940

4.) Try accessories instead of clothing

Sequin garments can be intimidating, I get it. Why not try working a pair of great sequin shoes or a bag into your look instead.


5.) Try something unexpected

Normally a bag like this would be reserved for the evening but in this case it is totally working for day. stockholm+street+style+-+sequin+chanel

6.) Safari style

Call me crazy but I think more safari looks should add sequins to the mix. Am I right?090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_055

7.) Pants please

I have more than a few pairs of sequin pants and I wear them all the time. Not for the shy because people are going to be stopping you on the street to compliment your pants.fancy4

8.) Mix prints

Mix prints and textures into your sequin look. The secret to making it work is to keep everything in the same color palette. paris-fashion-week-street-style-spring-2013-elisa-nalin-sequin-coat-2

9.) Menswear Inspired

Add a little sparkle to your menswear inspired look to make it more feminine. sequins-to-work

10.) Head-to-toe

If you love sequins, just go for it and rock a full on sequin dress with accessories to match.street-style-summer-arm-party-plastic-friendship-bracelets-sequins-fashion3

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