10 Ways to Wear Flannel

I am WAY into flannel, checks, and all things plaid. What can I say, I’m a 90s girl at heart. But you don’t have to be Little Miss 90s to rock flannel. Flannel can be for everyone and I’ll show you how!

1.) Wear it with leather

Take that grungy edge off of a flannel top by edging up with a slick leather jacket. street style flannel shirt

2.) Skinny jeans for the win

Make a flannel shirt look modern with a pair of skinny jeans.olsen twin flannel shirt

3.) Go with a scarf

Not ready for a plaid shirt? I get it. Go for a scarf instead to enjoy the trend on a smaller scale.plaid scarf

4.) Tie it around your waist

This is totally 90s style but it’s pretty awesome so who cares, right? Think of it as a half-skirt. flannel street style

5.) Mix it with checks

A little mixed print action makes this look totally modern. Just make sure you are tying the prints together with at least one uniform color.mixed prints street style

6.) Try it with florals

This print mixing is a little more bold than the one above but look how magical this combination is. So magical.Dries-Van-Noten-street-style

7.) Double it up

This won’t work for a woman with curves on top but for you model-types, give this look a try.taylor-tomasi-hill-double-shirt-button-down-nyfw-fall-2013-streetstyle

8.) Add a hippie twist

Love this Isabel Marant inspired look. It’s a little bit Paris and a little bit Western. I’m into it. flannel street style top

9.) Pair it with sparkles

Because sequins make everything better.plaid and sequins

10.) Layer it under a cozy sweater

Looks so comfortable and chic. Perhaps this is the best way possible to wear flannel.layerd street style look

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Wear Flannel”

  1. Love this post! I like the leather and sparkle suggestions. Gonna try both this week/weekend. Thanks Lauren. You’re seriously the most stylish girl I know!
    xoxo, Bianca JAde

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