“Shopping is My Cardio”

As much as I’d like to buy into the idea that shopping could be a sufficient source of cardiovascular activity, I know the truth … If you want to stay in shape you’ve got to find some way to workout. After all, buying a new post-Thanksgiving bulge wardrobe isn’t going to happen.e8787-carrie_bradshaw-106-fullI’ve recently joined a new Pilates studio and I absolutely love it! I am going 4 times a week and couldn’t be happier but I know once the craziness called the holidays hits, it’s going to be harder and harder to find the time.adidas nailsBest hoodie ever from adidas

I’ve mapped out of a few solutions for finding time to work out this holiday season and figured I’d share them with you all as well. Check it …


Going to the gym or a fitness class can be time consuming. After all you have to drive there, workout, shower, and drive home. It can be a 3hr production. During the holidays I workout while I’m doing other things. Sit-ups while watching a movie, squats while cooking up a holiday dinner … every ounce of effort helps.

Wake up earlier

Losing an hour of sleep a couple times a week won’t kill you. Set your alarm an hour earlier and workout the second your feet hit the floor (okay, brush your teeth first).

Make it a family affair

Think having family in town is an excuse to skip your workout? You are so wrong. Try incorporating your family into your workout. Whenever I visit my parents I always hit a few fitness classes with my mom, it’s a fun way to bond and keep fit at the same time.

So can shopping is my cardio??

Okay, shopping doesn’t really count as cardio but I do like to strap on my running shoes and park as far away as possible when I shop. Between the walking and hauling an insane amount of shopping bags, you’re sure to burn a few calories.

Dress to work-up a sweat

I’m not saying you have to wear your workout gear 24/7 but wearing something comfortable and stylish during the day certainly makes it easier to transition into a workout. My new favorite hoodie (the Ultimate Fleece) is that perfect piece. I’ve also been known to wear my adidas leggings all day long – I can’t help that they are insanely stylish._MG_4951That’s how I find the time to workout during the holiday season. But what I really want to know is how do you find time to keep fit during the most wonderful time of the year. Spill it!

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