How to Look Chic in Sneakers

17-street-style-chanel-sneakers-xlnEver since I started working as a full-time stylist, I’ve been sporting sneakers more than I care to admit. I used to be a hardcore heels girl – the higher the better. Today that just isn’t practical. Hauling garment bags, shopping for 8+ hours per day … heels just aren’t’ going to cut it.street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_898166522_1200xI know everyone isn’t a stylist but I do know that the number one request I get from my clients is that they want comfort. The word that most stylists consider evil, I consider a challenge. Can you be comfortable and still look stylish? They answer is, of course, yes. There is no reason why sneakers have to look lazy and sloppy. Sneakers can look chic and I’ll show you how … a_4x-horizontal

Get a pair of STYLISH sneakers!

Here is what this post is not about … wearing your nasty gym shoes with regular, everyday clothing. Invest in a wardrobe of stylish sneakers. These sneakers don’t have to be expensive either or they can if you want to roll like that. You can never go wrong with a pair of Converse, a colorful pair of Nikes, or something classic from adidas. On the more expensive tip; I love Isabel Marant, Golden Goose, and Maison Martin Margiela. These sneakers will never see a gym, a trail, nor will they be used to pound the pavement. la-modella-mafia-Model-Street-Style-Fall-Spring-2012-details-Isabel-Marant-sneakers-1

Upgrade Your Outfit

If you are going to sport sneakers, they rest of your outfit needs to be stepped up a notch or two. Try wearing your sneakers with a dress or a pair of black skinny jeans a blazer. The idea is not to look like you just left the gym. Make your footwear choice deliberate and stylish!street_style_mercedes_benz_fashion_week_nueva_york_primavera_verano_2013_422858960_800x1200

Keep them clean

Just as you would keep up with your heels and nice boots, you need to keep your sneakers looking polished too. Shoe laces getting ratty? Get a new pair. Rubber soles looking a little less than white? Take them to get cleaned. See how fresh and clean those New Balances above look? That’s the goal.nyfw-street-5-12_162235857365

 Show Your Personality

The thing I love about sneakers is that you can really infuse some personality in them with a few simple swaps and accessories. Colorful shoes laces can make a world of difference or adding a fun shoe accessory like a pair of Shwings. sneakers2


That’s how I stylish wear sneakers. Are you into sneakers or still holding on to your precious heels?  milan-street5-16_115240519148

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